Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"The less you care, the happier you will be." <--This has been on my mind a lot lately

^The hookah-smoking caterpillar fucking Alice, interesting!
^I'll take one in pink, thank you.
^Used to do this with my hair
^I have panties almost just like these!
^I want fluffy kitty.
^I wish such vibrant hair color lasted longer, I would still have beautiful, colorful locks. Maybe I just needz wig.
^I need this in my life.
^What a cutie!
^Good to know!
^I wanna tie-dye again, too fun
^Seriously SOML
^This is my boyfriend's and my signature position!! ;D <3
^Laughed for five minutes
^I don't even particularly like/watch Star Wars, and this is hilarious.
^Let's go camping. And bring our pets too.
^So jelly.. Hopefully getting my SLEEVE worked on sooner than later.
^When I was younger, I was in a group called Indian Princesses (a father-daughter thing like Boy Scouts but for girls), and we went camping. I picked up cacti with gloves on (guess I thought those made me invincible) and complained about the pain in my hands for the rest of the trip. <3
^I don't even smoke anymore (did you know that??), but this pipe is super cool/cute.
^I want a fuck machine!
^I lav pasties.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Please vote for me to be Bunnie of the month!!

Thank you. <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012


^I <3 PB&J
^Thought this was kinda funny and very intriguing. Are we really made out of star dust? And is that really in the Bible?
^I am jade.
^What a wonderful position!
^My boyfriend was explaining to me that as you get older, you begin to care/feel less. I partly hope this is true, because my heart has always been too big for my own good.
^Where can I find these earrings? Get me these earrings.
^Sitting on the toilet, contemplating <3
^This looks JUST like Oliver!! :((
^Oh Dita, you so smart.
^True story
^Chubby mercat!