Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Love Water.

My middle name is Ariel (like The Little Mermaid), so when I was little I was very convinced I was a mermaid. I thought I could breathe underwater, but I was too afraid to try. Either that or I thought I would someday come across some strange relative occurrences and transform like in the movies.

Look how cute she is. Makes me want red hair.

Look at the fire on her head! Once again, wanting red hair.

I love to take a big breath and let it out slowly as I fall like this. Makes me feel submerged and departed.

I bet you wanna go swimming now, huh? ;)
I think what I love so much about being underwater is that it's like a whole other world down there. It's beautiful and infinite and the zero gravity just draws the stress right out of you. Weightlessness is bliss.

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