Friday, August 13, 2010

4 Simple Goals Challenge

I do love a challenge. Here are my 4 goals, brought to you by Elsie's blog challenge.

1. Be a better daughter
My mom has been working super hard for the past year to get the house ready for selling and to get financially stable. I want to do more to help her out with this and the stress I can only imagine she's dealing with on the side. I'll pay more attention to her, work with our tempers, and be a positive influence to her life.

2. Move on and open doors
I DWELL DWELL DWELL. My past and guilt just eat me up inside! I need to stop dwelling, move on, and think of each minute lost as a new opportunity, a newly opened door, a new opportunity to open a door! Gotta keep calm and carry on. It would do me so much better if I could just grasp this.

3. Start a clean slate the right way
With so much change shooting my way lately, there has been a HUGE necessity to move on and open these so-called doors. Out with the old and in with the new, and I'm starting the new off the RIGHT way! Positive, positive, positive. Optimism. Get it!

4. Stop eating so much!
Summer = partying = bingeing. Junk food. Unhealthy eating patterns, unhealthy sleeping patterns. This will change with the coming school year. My friend's mom and I were watching a special about what kind of chemicals and bad stuff are put into the food we eat! I'm considering going organic.. I will become more conscious of what I'm putting into my system.


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