Friday, December 10, 2010

"Get To Know Me In 25 Days"

Really a great idea, this is from one of my favorite blogs, Wet Behind The Ears:

"I’d love it if everyone did this with me. You can answer one a day, answer them all at once, take however long you want to finish or never finish at all. I’d love to get to know the people I follow/follow me and for you all to know me better and I think these questions pretty much cover the important stuff. Add questions if you’d like. 
If you’re going to do this, reblog it and send me a message so I can keep track of everyone. Also, tag your answers with “get to know me in 25 days”."

Here's mine (did it all in one day):
Day 01 - Write 5-10 interesting (or not) facts about yourself.
i used to be naturally blonde, my sister and i were conceived in a test tube, i was a flower in my past life, i'm left-handed and play a left-handed guitar, i can handle tequila better than i can handle vodka.

Day 02 - Where would you like to be in 10 years?
happy. somewhere with great scenery, great people, lots of fun.

Day 03 - What are your views on religion/spirituality?
religion is desperation for answers or support or to fit into something. spirituality, in nature or love or friendship, is the way to go. the difference: spirituality is REALITY with hope.

Day 04 - Name 1-15 moments in your life where you felt that everything was just perfect.
nothing's ever perfect. i've felt when factors were all so great in my life all at once, but i've always wanted to help others. i sympathize strongly - too big of a heart that it hurts.

Day 05 - What is your most prized material possesion? What is your most prized non-material possesion?
material: my moose, Milty. non material: friends and family!

Day 06 - Who are your favorite artists/photographers?

Day 07 - Name the top five places you’d like to see.
i want to explore every inch of all the world. that's my utopia of a life.

Day 08 - What’s your earliest memory?
passing out when i was a wee baby and being woken up [and hating the feeling] of my mom blowing in my face. this happened to both my sister and i quite often, except she would pass out from laughing too hard and i would pass out from crying too hard..

Day 09 - What impact will you have on the world?
not sure yet, so many possibilities!

Day 10 - What are you most passionate about? 
helping others.

Day 11 - How have you changed in the past year?
matured a lot, of course. you're kinda forced to, entering the passageway of the "real world". hate that thought. i've also gotten happier in the past few months.. my ingredient was to be more friendly/outgoing. 

Day 12 - Your top ten favorite albums of all time and your top three favorite albums or songs as of this instant.
too hard, my taste in music, i'd say, is pretty varied. i think i have awesome taste! let's use genres: jazz, techno/dubstep, folk, oldies, some country, indie, metal/rock/alternative, acoustic, lo-fi, etc.

Day 13 - What are your favorite movies? Is there a theme that runs throughout all of them?
anything on TCM (esp. silent films), Sweeney Todd, Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, Across The Universe, P.S. I Love You, The Runaways. they're all captivating.

Day 14 - Name one person who fascinates you and explain why in detail OR name three people who fascinate you and explain why in one sentence.
i'll use everyone - it fascinates me to watch cars pass on a busy highway, knowing that each person in each car has his or her own story, struggle, thought, conversation, etc.. just crazy to me - there's so much going on inside.

Day 15 - What kind of people are you attracted to? This could be platonic friends or romantic relations.
anyone but squares. my favorite people are the ones who aren't afraid to feel and share what they feel. friends who love and give back.

Day 16 - Name something that you miss and something that you don’t miss.
i miss junior high mischief. i don't miss junior high education.

Day 17 - What are your goals for 2011?
stay steady, responsible, smart, happy, confident.

Day 18 - What does an average day look like for you? Are you doing what you love? Would you rather be doing something else?
my weekly schedule for now is school, nap, eat/go out/chill, sleep. weekend is all party. hate school, love to party. i would rather be getting the hell out of high school already and in college.

Day 19 - Favorite books. Favorite quotes.
too many favorites to copy and paste - go check my info.

Day 20 - Name a “challenge” you’ve overcome in your life. Big or small.
i think the biggest and best accomplishment for me has been gaining confidence and hope. a little goes a long way for everything life deals.

Day 21 - What are your top dislikes? What do you do when you encounter them?
fake people. they pollute an otherwise beautiful world. this is why i can't wait to get the hell out of Katy.

Day 22 - What are your political views? Do you follow what’s going on in the world?
no. fuck politics, what a waste of money and resources and thought by stupid, narrow-minded, old-fashioned people. social/environmental/etc. issues around the world are awesome interesting though.

Day 23 - Have you ever been in love? Are you in love now? What was it/is it like?
have been. am now. it's the best, warmest, most secure feeling in the world. also the scariest.

Day 24 - What are some things you’ve always wanted to do, but never have? 
swim with dolphins, look at the sky through a real huge telescope, fly in a helicopter, have a girlfriend, travel all over, surf, many more

Day 25 - Any last words/things you haven’t gotten to mention? What do you want people to know about you?
i feel like this survey was already pretty deep. i hope whoever reads this has gotten something out of it. :)


  1. I absolutely adore your blog. It is by far the most interesting thing I have read probably in forever. Your wording is beautiful, such as when you were referring to fake people and said, "They pollute an otherwise beautiful world." Thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone. It illuminates my day.

  2. Thank you so much for reading and letting me inspire you, Mr./Ms. Anonymous. <3

  3. It's Ms.Anonymous:) And thank you, madam, for inspiring me. Not to sound like a creeper, but I read your stuff daily, on Facebook and this blog. It's wonderful.

  4. I really appreciate your compliment. And it warms my heart to know you admire what I share! That was my intention.