Wednesday, August 1, 2012


^I need this lipstick in Airborne Unicorn.
^Lip Smackers <3 amazing.="amazing." p="p" smell="smell" they="they">
^I need a small dog just so I can do this.
^Now inspired to make a cake covered in Fruity Pebbles
^Mean Girls FTW
^What a pretty toilet
^Must. Do. Mermaid. Photo shoot.
^This was me the other day. I treated myself to a Coke (quit sodas). Mouthgasmmmm
^Let's watch some Peewee's Playhouse!
^What the effing eff lolol
^Just nommed on my very own Uncrustable umm-mm-mmmm
^UV jellyfish aquarium, yes please
^Inspired to do glitter jewelry craft soon.. Stay tuned!
^Water balloons <3 p="p">
^So annoying but oh so fun
^I guess this is what I look like when I wake up.
^Bathtub Blowjobs <3 p="p">
^And this is me when/if I have a child.
^INHALE, exhale
^Call me Panera-potato-soup-in-a-sourdough-bread-bowlslut
^Want cotton candy

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