Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dwelling on the beaches that the Ocean of life empty themselves upon are an astrological race of strange, crustaceous creatures; these crabs are strong, and they love walking around through crashing waves and pinching at whatever catches their eyes.
Indeed, the risk that a Cancer Crab will pinch your toe is always there; that is where Cancerians get their reputation for being unpleasant, touchy, and dangerous. But these crabs are fairly well-natured. 
Consider that the crab’s backyard is the ocean, a large, churning, treacherous body of water who is tossed about by the moon’s gravity. That’s something like the Cancerian’s soul; in fact, Cancer is, like the ocean, affected by the moon cycles. A full moon will have a much stronger effect on a Cancer, as will the waning and waxing, the crescents, and the aspects. Maybe this is why Cancer is always showing signs of being overwhelmed by emotions.
The Cancer is a delicate creature; these are the children of the moon, dark and mysterious creatures whose wild, deep eyes and strong, almost jagged features look best when they are out of direct sunlight. These people tend to love the night, perhaps because it is as vast, mysterious, and powerful as their emotions and their personalities. 
Cancer has a strong sense of memory; for Cancer, nostalgia is a holy sacrament. Memories from childhood will haunt the Cancer, as if they were dreams from which there is no waking up. Childhood, for Cancer, was a time when tears were allowed, where everything was mysterious and romantic, when emotions were allowed to be complicated, and where they weren’t expected to clip their pinchers and behave. 
Childhood, for Cancer, is innocence. It is a time of emotional power. It is what Cancer will strive to recreate for his entire life. Even though he is able to walk in the sand and keep from being swept away by the tides that life throws at him, he would much prefer to live in a quiet, yet sandy, pond. This is why Cancers value their alone time. Because they are on a constant rollercoaster of emotions and memories, they sometimes need to just be in the pale moonlight and recharge. 
What Cancer is looking for is some untold treasure of the sea; perhaps he is waiting for a pearl to wash up. In truth, he’s not sure. That is why if Cancer has become romantically involved, it’s prone to throwing itself into the union, and suddenly backing out non-chalantly. If you love a cancer, then he’s got his claw on your toe, and until he decides that he’s done with you, the Cancerian tenderness, cuddling, romance, gentleness, and enigmatic (and always impossible to interpret) mind will haunt you, like his memories of playgrounds and nap time haunt him.
No matter what, Cancer has something heavy weighing on him. I think that any of us would, if we were in Cancer’s shoes. Cancer is always chasing the moon. Emotions plague him and he finds it difficult to get close to people, which causes him to use his emotions to manipulate people. It is like mind-control, and if Cancer wants to make you feel as though you’ve done something horribly wrong, he will turn every ounce of subltety and theatre that he’s mastered from years of playing an emotional chameleon, and he will pin you with guilt and alienation. 
And yet, the crab has still got you in his claw. His sense of humor is incredible, as is his strength of character. He is forever mysterious, but never too full of himself to joke and to laugh. In fact, Cancerians are known to be quite funny, in their own strange, grumpy ways. His jokes will sting you with laughter and contempt all at once. And your jokes will conjure the Cancerian laugh, which is always loud, grand, and as satisfying to hear in response to a joke as an audience’s applause.
Remember that he really is as amazing as he appears; despite his inconsistent and irritable personality, his moments of brilliance, of understanding, and of making you laugh uncontrollably, are just as much a part of his nature as the Full Moon is related to an empty one. He will never stop changing; what he needs is for you to be there for him, never giving him guilt for his feelings. He needs people who make him feel like a child again. He needs people who look like pearls, people who he can take back to his secret cove.
Cancer will always be distant. But if he accepts you into his secret shell, whether you’re a mermaid, a seahorse, or a plankton, he will be extremely generous for your company. His emotions make him feel lonely, but if he is free to be emotional in front of you, you will give him a sense of acceptance. Grant Cancer acceptance, and you have given the Moon freedom to shine. His emotions aren’t excessive, nor are they in the way; they are beautiful, artistic, and natural. When Cancer loves you, his memories of childhood will become entwined with memories of you, and he will turn to you.
A Cancer in love is like a crab with his claw wrapped tightly around a pearl, white and pale as the moon. He will carry you with him, keeping you from being swept away by the ocean. He will love you more tenderly than you thought someone of his changeable nature would be incapable of. For him, the moon will never stop playing with his head; when he stops trying to fight his emotions, and learns to accept them and share them with his love, he will be the king of the sea, and if you’re ruling at his side, you reign over the ocean, the waves, and the deepest, oldest secret that belongs to nature.

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