Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspirational Blogger,

Call me Balthazar.
"These legs are stepping off. To a new life. Torso or no. The sky is melancholy blue. But these legs are strong. They inspire lust and envy in all who see them. They dream of being a fado singer. Only a mouth is lacking. One thing at a time. Today these legs are stepping off."

"There is a roundness that seems impossibly round. It has the texture of a dream. And the blushing remnants of a firm hand upon soft skin. She is still, perfectly still. Waiting for whatever is next. I better figure out what is next."

"She is not an anachronism. She believes in the human spirit. But where to go from here. How to write what is all buttoned-up; how to muster the courage to touch the keys; how to strengthen her reticent fingers to make the typebars fly; but most urgently, how to say more eloquently that she loves humanity, that she wants to fuck everything that is beautiful."


  1. My pleasure. I can't wait to blog about our letters!